Morning Melodies & Groovin’ Easy

Morning Melodies

Held every 3rd Thursday of the month at the Bentleigh Club. Yawla Street, Bentleigh.

Come along to a fun morning of music we all love to hear, followed by lunch.

Cost $17 for show and lunch $10 for show only.

Bookings are essential, so please contact Ailsa Whitbread on 0402 750 931.


Final Morning Melodies 21st December with Brendan Scott followed by Xmas Lunch




Dates for the remainder of 2017.

April 20th…….Marcia Rae

May 18th……….Paul Hogan

June 15th……….June Newman

20th July……….Brendan Scott…..Xmas in July…3 course meal $30 and show

17th August…….Rick Charles

21st September..Col Perkins

19th October……Marian Faye

16th November…June Newman

21st December….Brendan Scott…Christmas Menu, 3 course meal $30 and show



One of our members joining in the fun!!

Groovin’ Easy Orchestra

Plays at the Bentleigh Club, Yawla Street, Bentleigh every second month on a Sunday.

Great way to spend a delightful afternoon and listen to good music ‘live’.

Cost is $25 which includes afternoon Devonshire tea with coffee or tea.

Come along in your dancing shoes and bring back memories of yesteryear.

Bookings are essential, so please contact Ailsa Whitbread on 0402 750 931.

Dates for the remainder of 2017

21st May  $25 including afternoon tea…2pm – 5pm

1st July Winter Christmas Ball. Saturday evening with dinner, cost and details TBA

10th September $25 including afternoon tea…2pm – 5pm

12th November $25 including afternoon tea


Another great day on 10th September 2017 at the Bentleigh Club, The afternoon was filmed and recorded for a DVD………Last one for the year 12th November so make sure to book your place with 0402 750 931. or see her at the next meeting in September.


Groovin Easy Orchestra



Resident Singer Michelle Forbes



May 2017…another relaxing afternoon at Bentleigh Club to enjoy Groovin’  Easy Orchestra and  a Devonshire Tea