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The following is a letter from our President. Please read it.

We are the generation that has experienced several military conflicts; the highs and lows of economic changes; health epidemics such as polio, TB, and more recently, SARS and bird flu.

We know not to believe all that we hear or read but to go to real source of information on the COVID19 virus.  (; the central patient hot line 1800 020 080, or your doctor)

Of course it is OK to feel nervous and even a little scared, particularly of the unknowns.  However Probians are about striving for healthy and active living in our senior years.   We are aware that panic and social isolation can lead to sickness and depression, so we have taken that into account when considering the way ahead.

At its monthly meeting, (of course it had to be Friday 13th!!), after much discussion, your Probus Committee took the very difficult decision that to serve members properly, we needed to defer the March meeting to Friday 24 April.  Please read your newsletter.

That was to provide time to get proper advice from Government (see above), Probus HQ; and our venue. In the meantime, we are making small changes to the way we go about things to minimise risk of transmission of the virus.  Our meetings do not yet reach the 500 person cut off for cancellations of events.

At our meetings, you will see some small changes to limit the risk of transmission of the virus.   Pending further advice from the authorities, at our April 24 we will limit physical contact and avoid cash handling by:

  1. no $2 entry fee for April, the door prize to continue but without the need for raffle tickets;
  2. members will only need to give their names to Ailsa rather than “sign in”as you enter. This should  avoid sharing of pens and a long queue at the door.
  3. The April Lunch venue will be considered at the April Committee meeting and advised in the April newsletter.
  4. Your Committee will monitor the Government advice and reconsider these any additional measures.

I hope to see you at our meeting on 24 April.   Good luck and my best wishes for the good times ahead.

Yours Sincerely

Pam Ryan

President     Glen Eira Combined Probus club.





Regular Monthly Activities

BBQ’s at Harleston Park, Seymour Road, Elsternwick, held on 2nd and 4th Saturdays – December to March weather permitting (Details in Newsletter)

Morning Melodies – 3rd Thursday in the month. For details contact Ailsa Whitbread 0402 750 931

Cards – 1st and 3rd Mondays. For details contact Geraldine Monaghan 9569 3570

Games – 2nd Monday. For details contact Pam Ryan 9570 1878

Movies with Kev – Monday morning following the general meeting. 10 am at the Classsic Elsternwick, 9 Gordon Street, Phone Kevin Dinan on 9557 1900 for more details.