Honours Board

Over the years some members have been vested with Honours for the levels of their contributions to the Club. There are three categories for award. The conferring on a member of Life Membership is obviously the premium award. In the current year the Committee struck the new award titled Award for Distinguished Service which recognises high calibre executive input over a prolonged period and two members were vested with this award. The third category for Awards is titled Certificate of Appreciation and this is the most used of all Awards. The detail of current Award holders is as follows:

In October 2022. The following members received their Life membership award

Life members Michael and Nance

Nance Townsend, Michael Kennedy and Greg Spotkaeff.

(Greg Spotkaeff was not at this meeting)

Vi Martin, Mavis Jones and Pricilla Olsen received their Certificate of Appreciation

Vi, Mavis and Priscilla

Member Chris Strickland received an award for Distinguished Service (Also Elizabeth Scott but could not attend this meeting)

Chris Strickland

Warm congratulations to them all!!


On Friday 22nd March 2019 the club acknowledged 2 members who have given unstintingly for several years. Norma Bear (Outings) and Geraldine Monaghan (Treasurer)

Geraldine (2)

Here is Geraldine with the gift from the club.


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Life Membership

Nance Townsend

Michael Kennedy

Greg Spotkaeff

George Brown

Geraldine Monaghan

Etta Baitz

Nita O’Connor

Norma Bear

Jack Pattison

Jill Miller

Award For Distinguished Service

Chris Strickland

Elizabeth Scott

Nance Townsend

Judi Tyrrell

Kitt Jones

Michael Kennedy

Certificates of Appreciation

Priscilla Olsen

Mavis Jones

Vi Martin

Vera Rochester

Joyce Di Stasio

Joan Stow

Jill Miller

Eileen Smart

John Karla

Victoria Medal 2013

Norma Bear