Each year at the AGM, committee members and events convenors are elected to organise activities and perform functions to enable the smooth running of the club.  The current committee for 2022/2023 elected is as follows.

Committee 2022 to 2023

Back Row: Tony Wayman. Kevin Drinan. Brian Cooney (Past President) Helen Evans. Barry Wayman (Treasurer)

Front Row: Pat Deegan. Bev White (Secretary) Vera Rochester. Vi Martin. Maureen Cooney. Gary Fabian.

Ailsa Whitbread.

Also, Phyl Spotkaeff. Pam Ryan and Sue Miller-Randle. who could not attend the meeting.



Back Row: Tony Wayman. Beverley White (Secretary)  Brian Cooney (President)  Barry Wayman (Treasurer)

Front Row Kevin Drinan, (Movies)  Ailsa Whitbread. (Membership)  Vera Rochester. (Web Manager)  Pat Deegan.     

Phyl Spotkaeff. (Dine Outs)  Pam Ryan (Recent Past President)  Maureen Cooney (Vice President)  Greg Spotkaeff (Speakers and Promotions).

Introducing our ladies at front of house as you arrive.


From L to R…Ailsa Whitbread, Lorraine Staggard, Nance Townsend and

Heather Chapman. You do a great job ladies!!



Back Row L/R...Kevin Drinan (Movies). John Thompson (Newsletter).

Margaret Thompson(Vice President). Barry Wayman. Elizabeth Scott (Outings).

Greg Spotkaeff (Speakers and Promotions)

Front Row..Pat Deegan (Treasurer). Pam Ryan (President).Ailsa Whitbread(Membership)

Lorraine Staggard. Phyl Spotkaeff (Dine Outs).   Not pictured – Brian Cooney (Secretary)



Back Row:  Greg Spotaeff Speakers/Promotions.  Brian Cooney Admin Officer.

Norma Bear Extended Trips/Xmas Events.  Lorraine Jamieson.

  Ailsa Whitbread Membership.

Front Row: Chris Strickland Newsletter.  Heidi Alexander Dine Outs.

Geraldine Monaghan Asst Treasurer/Cards. Pat Deegan Treasurer.

Pam Ryan President.   Lorraine Staggard Secretary. Elizabeth Scott Outings.

Also Vi Martin Welfare



Back Row: Lorraine Jamieson, Brian Cooney, Ailsa Whitbread, Norma Bear, Greg Spotkaeff

Front Row: Pat Deegan, Pam Ryan, Lorraine Staggard, Geraldine Monaghan, Chris Strickland



Front Row: Lorraine Jamieson,Geraldine Monaghan,Elaine Jay,Ailsa Whitbread

Second Row: Looraine Staggard,Pat Deegan,Pam Ryan,Nance Towsend,Norma Bear,Chris Strickland

Back Row: Brian Cooney,Jenny Restarick,Greg Spotkaeff